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EDM Wednesday Briefing: TS Earl, Phoenix Rains, San Diego, CA Fires, N. Korea, India Bridge Collapse

Emergency and disaster management briefing for August 3, 2016: Tropical Storm Earl threatens Belize, Mexico, a 1/100 year rain event occurs in Phoenix, the CDC issues a travel warning for the Miami area, charges are brought against a suspected San Diego police shooter, officials discover the source of the Soberanes Fire, a Napa Valley fire erupts, the DOE wants affordable electric vehicles, North Korea launches missiles, Brava experiences an earthquake, and a bridge collapses in India.

The Mafia: History of Hindering Recovery Efforts Following Earthquakes in Italy

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Train Collision, Phoenix Serial Shooter, Heat Waves, Typhoon Nepartak, Colorado Wildfires

A high-speed train collision in Italy, a 911 call center is under investigation, Phoenix police tie additional incidents to a serial shooter or shooters, a 2003 European heat wave is linked to human-induced climate change, and Super Typhoon Nepartak causes death and damage.

New Government Task Force Focuses on Safe Storage of Natural Gas