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EDM Wednesday Briefing: Earthquake, Terror Threat, Snow Warnings, Tainted Candy, Missing Airplane

Emergency and disaster management briefing for December 7, 2016: A magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in Indonesia; a terror threat in Los Angeles prompts increased security; investigators look at electrical appliances as a possible cause in the deadly Oakland warehouse fire; Gatlinburg, TN residents return home as the city prepares to reopen to the public; several cities in North Dakota declare snow emergencies; forecasters issue heavy snow warnings for upstate New York; candy may be the source of sickness in an Illinois high school; and a Pakistan International Airlines flight goes missing.

EDM Monday Briefing: Wildfires, Charlottesville Protests, Wisconsin Shootings, Human Trafficking

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Orlando Shooting, Alligator Attack, Baltimore 911 System, Walmart Worker Violence

The wife of the Orlando mass shooting gunman may face charges, names of all 49 victims are released from the Orlando shooting, a memorial service in California turns deadly, a boy goes missing after an alligator attack in Florida, Baltimore has a 911 outage, and a study points to climate change to explain recent flooding in Europe.

EDM Friday Briefing: Officers Shot in San Diego, Wildfires Burn in CA, Cyber Threats Get Color Codes