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EDM Monday Briefing: PNW Storm, NC Flooding, Wildfires in the West, Hurricane Nicole

Emergency and disaster management briefing for October 17, 2016: A strong storm slams the Pacific Northwest, damage from recent North Carolina flooding exceeds $1.5 billion, firefighters contain the Emerald Fire in California, the Little Valley Fire rages in Nevada, Hurricane Nicole produces large swells and dangerous surf conditions on the East Coast, a ferry capsizes near central Myanmar, graphic imagery shows dual typhoons churning in the Pacific Ocean, and a North Korea ballistic missile launch reportedly fails.

Northeast Blizzard Could Dump 18 Inches Of Snow On New York

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Cascadia Rising, TSA, Oil Train Disaster, Carbon Offsets, EgyptAir Bomb Threat

The Cascadia Rising training exercise enters its second day, a GAO report highlights TSA shortcomings, more oil is found from the Oregon train derailment, carbon offsets help neutralize carbon emissions, Kalamazoo suffers another mass-casualty incident, police and protestors clash in Papua New Guinea, EgyptAir is forced to land in Uzbekistan after a bomb threat, the FBI is under scrutiny, the Toxic Substances Control Act receives an overhaul, and two military jets collide over Georgia.

EDM Monday Briefing: E. coli Cases Grow and Expand to New States

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Portland School District, Snohomish County, Chicago TSA

Severe Storms and tornadoes hit the plains, the Portland Public School District is under fire for a resolution regarding teaching climate change, Snohomish Public Utilities hire hackers to test their systems, the NOAA indicates that the West and Northeast could face a hot summer, and a Chevron Executive rebukes climate change activists.

EDM Monday Briefing: Oil Train Derailment, Terrorism, Wildfires, Emerging Technology