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We May Yet Survive: Paris Climate Accords Ratified

The Paris Climate Accords have been adopted and ratified. We can personally fight that; or personally not fight that, and make the compliance adjustments to an international agreement that will guarantee our personal success and credibility--and autonomy and privacy. It's important to pick the right battles. The battle to deny climate change is the wrong battle. The world is aligned against this battle, and will ensure that it fails. Don't go down with the ship. Instead, guide the ship through threatening seas.

EDM Thursday Briefing: Pacific Northwest Storms, Chicago Protests, New Focus in San Bernardino

EDM Friday Briefing: New Jersey Train Crash, South Carolina School Shooting, Hurricane Matthew

Emergency and disaster management briefing for September 30, 2016: A commuter train crashes into a Hoboken, NJ terminal, a school shooting occurs in Anderson County, SC, police have a 14-year old suspect in custody over the Anderson County shooting, Tropical Storm Matthew becomes a category 2 hurricane, protests in El Cajon turn violent, the Paris Agreement is close to being entered into force, the CDC issues a travel advisory regarding Southeast Asia, and Congress passes a funding bill that includes money for Zika.

EDM Monday Briefing: Woman Boards Delta Flight without Identification