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EDM Digest Wednesday Briefing: Typhoon Meranti, Zika, Bees, Earthquake in Colombia, Wildfire in Greece

Emergency and disaster management briefing for September 14, 2016: Super Typhoon Meranti is now the largest storm of the year, free Zika testing is being offered in Miami Beach, Zika appears in Singapore, aerial spraying of insecticides is being blamed for the death of millions of honey bees, a study links neonicotinoid insecticides to bee colony die-offs, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake hits the city of Medellin, Colombia, and Greece declares a state of emergency on Thassos Island due to a massive wildfire.

Road To Snowed-In Austrian Nuns Cleared, But They Stay Put

EDM Monday Briefing: Fort McMurray Wildfire, USFA Toolkit, April Natural Disasters, Tremors at Mount St. Helens

Officials now say that the Fort McMurray wildfire could burn on for months, the USFA releases the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) toolkit, a report details the billions in damages caused by disasters around the globe in April, and scientists detect more than 100 small quakes under Mount St. Helens.

EDM Friday Briefing: EDWIN Project Beta-Testing New Wildfire Detection Cameras