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EDM Digest Friday Briefing: Puerto Rico Devastated by Hurricane Maria, Power Is Likely to Take Months to Restore

After two days, a survivor is pulled from earthquake rubble in Mexico City, a Florida nursing home license is revoked following the deaths of ten patients, weak infrastructure leaves Puerto Rico in the dark following Hurricane Maria, two more sinkholes have opened up in Central Florida, British Columbia is finally seeing relief from its devastating wildfire season, SEC computers may still contain major vulnerabilities, Colorado gains control of a fire sparked by an electrical power cap insulator, and CVS announces new prescription measures to help fight the exploding opioid crisis.

Aftershock Hits Venezuela Following Biggest Quake Since 1900

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Severe Weather, Baton Rouge Protests, General Mills, Infrastructure, Climate Change, Power Grid

Severe weather hits Minneapolis, protests occur in Baton Rouge after a police shooting, General Mills expands flour recall lots, the Arlington Memorial Bridge receives federal grant money, LA water fountains help combat heat waves, FEMA announces aid for West Virginia, and power grids are at an increasing risk.

EDM Monday Briefing: Chicago Deaths, Severe Weather

EDM Tuesday Briefing: Senate Gun Vote, New CA Fires, Heat Wave, Power Grid

Senate Republicans vote down four separate gun control measures, California's wildfire situation worsens, the Southwest continues to battle a deadly heat wave, the NOAA reports May 2016 as the hottest month ever, the threat of power grid failures looms over parts of CA.

EDM Tuesday Briefing: Tornadoes in the Plains, Impact of Social Media on EDM, Tremors Under Mount St. Helens