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EDM Friday Briefing: Earthquake in Vanuatu, Drought in the Marshall Islands, Cyber Security in Cars

Emergency and disaster management briefing for April 29, 2016: The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu gets hit with a magnitude-7.0 earthquake, drought on the Marshall Islands worsens, cyber security in vehicles is under the spotlight, the Mississippi Gulf Coast floods, …

EDM Friday Briefing: North Korea Missile, U.S. Spring Climate Predictions, Nuclear Power Plant Leak

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Severe Weather Impacts South, Tornadoes Cause Widespread Damage, Bill Gates Backs FBI

Severe weather spawns multiple tornadoes, causing deaths and widespread damage in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, hospitals in Texas may have a rapid Zika diagnosing test, the sea level rise worse than previously thought, and Bill Gates supports FBI in data quest.

EDM Tuesday Briefing: Senate Gun Vote, New CA Fires, Heat Wave, Power Grid

Emergency and Disaster Management Week in Review, February 15, 2016

Apple battles the FBI over access to one of the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, the World Bank offers funding to those most affected by the Zika virus, the U.S. implements sanctions and shows South Korean support amid rising tensions over North Korea, Flint, MI receives funding from state and federal government for bills and testing, and President Obama signs a disaster declaration for an Alaskan village hit by what may be the most powerful storm ever in the Bering Sea.

EDM Friday Briefing: Carnival Ride Turns Deadly; Train Crash; Cruise Ship Death