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EDM Thursday Briefing: French Emergency App Launches, Zika Threat Widens, Colin Says Goodbye

The French government releases a nationwide emergency alert mobile app, the WHO expands its list of birth defects that are likely linked to Zika virus, the threat of Zika grows rapidly in Puerto Rico, and Tropical Storm Colin heads northeast in the Atlantic and into the sunset.

EDM Tuesday Briefing: California Gas Leak Makes History, Study Connects Zika Virus and Birth Defects

EDM Thursday Briefing: UCLA Shooting, Fed Decision in Jamar Clark Case, Zika Findings, Syrian Aid

A UCLA professor is allegedly shot dead in a murder-suicide, federal authorities decide not to pursue civil rights prosecution in the Jamar Clark case, researchers discover a possible answer to how Zika virus is passed from mother to fetus, and the UN will discuss making humanitarian air drops to besieged areas of Syria.

EDM Friday Briefing: North Korea Makes Nuclear Threat, NSA Warns of Attack on U.S. Power Grid

EDM Monday Briefing: Ecuador Mourns, U.S. and North Korea Trade Jabs, Online Fraud Soars

Ecuador mourns the loss of nearly 700 in the recent earthquake as the United Nations calls for millions in aid, North Korea says it will halt its nuclear exercises if the U.S. and South Korea halt their joint military exercises, the U.S. quickly rejects the offer, and a recent report reveals that the rate of online fraud is soaring.

EDM Monday Briefing: Three Tennessee Counties Impacted by Tornadoes to Receive Federal Aid

EDM Tuesday Briefing: Water Shortages Rise Globally, Air Strikes Continue in Syria, Severe Winter Storms Linger

Research indicates that severe water shortages may be more prevalent across the world than originally thought, air strikes hit Syria just days after an agreed upon "cessation of hostilities," and winter weather advisories continue on the East Coast.

EDM Monday Briefing: DHS Warns on Cyber Attacks, Rare Tornadoes Hit Florida, Federal Aid Heading to Flint