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EDM Friday Briefing: Heat Dome, Zika Virus, ISIS in Brazil, Nice

Emergency and disaster management briefing for July 22, 2016: Much of the U.S. continues to sit under a heat dome that is causing extreme heat, a new Zika infection confuses medical experts, Brazil arrests ISIS sympathizers, French authorities determine that the Nice attack was likely planned well in advance, and one publication maps out the world's "depressing state of emergency."

EDM Week in Review: March 21, 2016

EDM Thursday Briefing: French Emergency App Launches, Zika Threat Widens, Colin Says Goodbye

The French government releases a nationwide emergency alert mobile app, the WHO expands its list of birth defects that are likely linked to Zika virus, the threat of Zika grows rapidly in Puerto Rico, and Tropical Storm Colin heads northeast in the Atlantic and into the sunset.

EDM Tuesday Briefing: California Gas Leak Makes History, Study Connects Zika Virus and Birth Defects