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Transportation Security Administration and American Public University Expand Partnership to Provide Career-Relevant Education to Nearly 20,000 TSA Employees at 147 Airports Nationwide

American Public University was chosen from among 19 U.S. institutions by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide career-focused academic programs to up to 20,000 TSA employees located at 147 airports nationwide.

EDM Friday Briefing: New Terror Alert Issued, Measles Outbreak

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Hurricane Season Begins, Texas Flooding, TSA, DC Metro, Nuclear Power

Hurricane Season begins today, major flooding impacts areas of Texas, authorities release new information regarding the mass shooting in Houston, reports have TSA security line wait times reasonable over the holiday weekend, the Washington, D.C. Metro suffers delays due to another track issue, and nuclear power is getting renewed interest for its green benefits.

Rising Sea Level Claims Five in the Solomon Islands