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Transportation Security Administration and American Public University Expand Partnership to Provide Career-Relevant Education to Nearly 20,000 TSA Employees at 147 Airports Nationwide

American Public University was chosen from among 19 U.S. institutions by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide career-focused academic programs to up to 20,000 TSA employees located at 147 airports nationwide.

A TV Crew Tried To Sneak A Fake Bomb Through Airport Security. It Didn’t Work.

EDM Monday Briefing: Japan Avalanche, Cyclone Debbie, Oakland Fire

Emergency and disaster management briefing for March 27, 2017: Deadly avalanche in Japan; major building fire in Oakland; Cyclone Debbie heads for Australia's coastline; armed guards at Palace of Westminster; suspects sought in Cincinnati nightclub shooting; TSA reports increase of guns in carry-on luggage.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Orlando Shooting, Alligator Attack, Baltimore 911 System, Walmart Worker Violence

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Cascadia Rising, TSA, Oil Train Disaster, Carbon Offsets, EgyptAir Bomb Threat

The Cascadia Rising training exercise enters its second day, a GAO report highlights TSA shortcomings, more oil is found from the Oregon train derailment, carbon offsets help neutralize carbon emissions, Kalamazoo suffers another mass-casualty incident, police and protestors clash in Papua New Guinea, EgyptAir is forced to land in Uzbekistan after a bomb threat, the FBI is under scrutiny, the Toxic Substances Control Act receives an overhaul, and two military jets collide over Georgia.

Egyptair Flight 804 Brings Renewed Focus on TSA In U.S.