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EDM Monday Briefing: PNW Storm, NC Flooding, Wildfires in the West, Hurricane Nicole

Emergency and disaster management briefing for October 17, 2016: A strong storm slams the Pacific Northwest, damage from recent North Carolina flooding exceeds $1.5 billion, firefighters contain the Emerald Fire in California, the Little Valley Fire rages in Nevada, Hurricane Nicole produces large swells and dangerous surf conditions on the East Coast, a ferry capsizes near central Myanmar, graphic imagery shows dual typhoons churning in the Pacific Ocean, and a North Korea ballistic missile launch reportedly fails.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Pawnee Fire Spreads Rapidly; Search Continues for Missing Thailand Boys

EDM Monday Briefing: Washington Mall Shooting, Charlotte Police Video, Midwest Flooding

Emergency and disaster management briefing for September 26, 2016: Washington authorities capture the suspect of a deadly mall shooting, Charlotte officials release video of a fatal police shooting and lift a citywide curfew, certain states take steps to limit the future release of police footage, heavy rains cause major flooding in parts of the Midwest, New York officials aim to overhaul the smartphone emergency alert system, Native American tribes battle against oil pipeline construction, and the USDA recalls meat products due to E. coli concerns.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Heavy Rains Cause Tennessee Flooding and Rockslide