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EDM Friday Briefing: New Jersey Train Crash, South Carolina School Shooting, Hurricane Matthew

Emergency and disaster management briefing for September 30, 2016: A commuter train crashes into a Hoboken, NJ terminal, a school shooting occurs in Anderson County, SC, police have a 14-year old suspect in custody over the Anderson County shooting, Tropical Storm Matthew becomes a category 2 hurricane, protests in El Cajon turn violent, the Paris Agreement is close to being entered into force, the CDC issues a travel advisory regarding Southeast Asia, and Congress passes a funding bill that includes money for Zika.

COVID-19 Strikes NY-NJ Transportation Chief

EDM Friday Briefing: Gasoline Pipeline Spill, Earthquake Research, Tropical Storm Julia, Columbus Police

Emergency and disaster management briefing for September 16, 2016: A gasoline pipeline spill in Alabama causes big problems on the East Coast, scientists say that moon phases can trigger large earthquakes, Tropical Storm Julia lingers near the Carolinas, a Columbus police officer fatally shoots a 13-year-old, Zika cases continue to rise in Florida, and both West Virginia and Louisiana struggle to recover from devastating floods.

Emergency and Disaster Management Week in Review, January 25, 2016

EDM Monday Briefing: Tropical Depression, Airline Pilots Arrested, Plane Crash in New Orleans

Emergency and disaster management briefing for August 29, 2016: Tropical depression 8 develops off of the East Coast, two United Airlines pilots are arrested on alcohol charges, two people go missing after a plane crashes in a New Orleans lake, Iran deploys a Russian-made long range missile, an Ithaca College student is stabbed, a fatal bus crash occurs in Louisiana, Zika arrives in Singapore, a biofuels study sparks debate, and California fire officials attempt to contain the Sobernanes, Chimney, and Rey wildfires.

Intense Hot, Dry Weather Fuels Wildfires

EDM Monday Briefing: Synthetic Mosquitoes, Brain-Eating Amoeba, Anthrax, Delta Outage

Emergency and disaster management briefing for August 8, 2016: FDA findings put genetically engineered mosquitoes one step closer to being used in the U.S., South Carolina authorities report a death from a brain-eating amoeba, anthrax resurfaces in Siberia, Delta Air Lines experiences a system-wide computer failure, Alabama approves funding to fight Zika, and Flint's disaster declaration is about to expire.

U.S. Government Sees Rise in Cyber Attacks